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Default Re: Help understanding CPU Usage, RAM, Disk Usage.

Activity Monitor (in the Applications>Utilities folder) will show you everything that's happening not just PT. The PT hardware monitor is just a basic reference so you can see when you're getting close to the limit of your system. If there's one particular area that's peaking that's where your system bottleneck is.
I've maxed out the RAM to 2GB.

PT is using between 113%-115% of the CPU. How bad is that?

A few other things combined are using another 8%.

You should be thoroughly confused now.
Things are a little clearer, but I'm not understanding this 100%. Although I've double my RAM, I'm still able to choke the system and have it hold off. CPU usage is as high as it was before I added the RAM, but there's alot more RAM available now... according to the Activity Monitor.
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