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Default Re: Help understanding CPU Usage, RAM, Disk Usage.

I don't have any experience with PTLE 7, but I do know a couple things about Macs. Let's see if I can add to your confusion.

The processor's (CPU) job is to handle all the calculations. The RAM (System) is the buffer between the CPU, and the disk drives. The disk drives are where information is stored until it's requested by the CPU, and after the CPU has finished with it. PCI is any cards you have installed in the machine, and possibly the AGP video since it's tied to the PCI bus.

Obviously this means the the amount, and quality of your RAM is critical because it is the go-between of everything that happens inside the box. When OSX is low on memory it uses swap files on the hard disk as virtual memory. This is much slower that physical RAM since the disk drives are the slowest component in the system. You really can't have too much RAM with OSX.

The important thing to remember is that like mixing everything affects everything. You need to have a balance of CPU, RAM, and storage speed. A kickass processor doesn't do you any good if it's waiting on info from limited RAM, and slow disk drives.

Activity Monitor (in the Applications>Utilities folder) will show you everything that's happening not just PT. The PT hardware monitor is just a basic reference so you can see when you're getting close to the limit of your system. If there's one particular area that's peaking that's where your system bottleneck is.

You should be thoroughly confused now.
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