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Default Re: G5-Digi 002 Desk Computer noise?????????

first of all if you do a search for G5 / 002 and noise on the duc, you will invite a mass of info about this.
you will also in doing so find links to apple support and masses of users with this issue.

To solve the noise issue, get chud
use the latest version (3.5)

I personally can't believe all the issues with this and digi has never ever responded to it, Like it does not exist?

install this on your system.
when doing so a pref pane will appear in system preferences,
turn off (uncheck) nap feature.

this will solve your issue immediatly.

what you choose to do about this after that is your decision.
but for sure this will allow you to work noise free.

follow some of the threads on duc and apple support for more info
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