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Default Pro Tools will not run on my i5

My background as a Digidesign sales person and recording artist's consultant from 1990-2008.
I've sold hundreds if not into the thousands of Pro Tools systems and used Pro Tools in varying formats since 1990. My last projects with Pro Tools 10-11 4-5 years ago. No longer a dealer and distanced from the music business. I decided to try the new "rent" to own Avid Pro Tools 12 and have not yet seen it work on a computer that otherwise is a solid operating and reliable powerhouse for my video and audio production projects. I assumed it needed massive RAM and upgraded it to 32 Gb. Still The newest version of Pro Tools falters. It takes 3-4 minutes to load and can't even record a single track.
My system is an ACER ASPIRE TC-780 I5-7400 CPU @ 3.0Ghz, 32 Gb RAM , 64 bit Win 10 Home operating system and processor.
I have followed the Avid documented advice on optimizing the PC. Any advice to get this working would be greatly appreciated.
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