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Default Re: Sample Rounding Issue!!!!

Originally Posted by innesireinar View Post
I totally agree with you about how Avid is far behind its competitors and full of bugs, furthermore this annual "tax" we have to pay them for being beta testers. But when mixing PT is still the best tool. I was thinking about a system with a modern daw, like cubase, S1, etc on a computer that send digital signals to another computer for mixing in PT. But it is too complicated.

I have mixed some of my best work in Logic 6,7, 8 & 9. When Apple took over I got worried 😬 then they turned in X (10) then mixing in Logic became s***

PT is indeed great for mixing but by no means IMHO the ultimate for it. For me I will mix in what will be my primary DAW & in time depending Avid that may be Studio One.
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