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Default Re: 2019.5 Ultimate on a Mac Pro 5,1

Originally Posted by SDDP View Post
Hey Darryl,

Thank for the input. yes I fully know about NEVER updating during a project, but the only reason I upgraded from my PT11 HD to 2019.5 was really for the 384 tracks. My mix is only about 125 tracks and have not merged SFX, Foley, ADR, and MX yet, which will put me well above the 256. I did of course clone my SSD via PCIE Boot drive to another HDD and upgraded that to 2019.5 and worked several full days with no issues. So then reckoned the booth from my SSD with 2018.12 and then updated my SSD to 2019.5 and it kinda started right around when I put in Waves Abbey Rodes plug and..... -9173. Of course I took it out and have tried everything and randomly get -9173 almost anywhere in the timeline. I've been playing with disc cache at normal, then 8GB/10GB/20GB/ETC and just left it at normal. H/W buffer is always at 1024 for mixing. I did turn off DP and with it off immediate 9173 anywhere in the TL. Putting back on did help a little. I can play a bit longer but it's still random.

Running Activity Monotor, Pro Tools uses around 4.5GB to 6GB and the Avid Video Engine is around 2GB. I have 40GB installed as mentioned in my sig

Wanted to get your advice (as I am sure this will help out others who come across this)

I have 4 x 2GB Hynix and 4 x 8GB TransIntl ram sticks and it's clocking speed is at 1066MHz

Would it be worth it and how much of an improvement would I get if I upgrade my CPU to a 3.46GHz and to 6 x 8GB ram @ 1333Mhz?

And I am using dual 1440 (guess 2K) monitors on stock 5770 GPU, would getting a RX-580 8GB XFX radeon GPU help in any shape or form as well?

Rung now I am hovering CPU at around %69-%77 and just jumps to red and of course our beloved -9173 error.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I pretty much did what you posted. I have a upgraded 5 1 cheese grater. Upgraded to 12 core 3.46. Matched 8x8 ram to 64gig (hynix 1333. ) radeon 580 pulse. I run 5 monitors.

CPU errors are gone.

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