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Default Re: Sample Rounding Issue!!!!

Originally Posted by foxes View Post
Agreed, this bug has me at the point. As I have said, Avid have until my sub runs out in October, if this bug is still an issue in PT tools then I'm moving to Studio One 4 (I have several friends using SO4 & they love it & wonder why I put up with PT lacks ie no ARA2, track folders, drag & drop etc).

This basic necessity functionality bug has just compounded my frustrations with PT, I have stuck by Avid giving them my sub payment every year hoping they will implement at least ARA & FIX THIS BUG. What we get are some updates that give us features the other DAWs have had for ages, PT is just too behind the competition
I totally agree with you about how Avid is far behind its competitors and full of bugs, furthermore this annual "tax" we have to pay them for being beta testers. But when mixing PT is still the best tool. I was thinking about a system with a modern daw, like cubase, S1, etc on a computer that send digital signals to another computer for mixing in PT. But it is too complicated.
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