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Default Re: Sample Rounding Issue!!!!

Originally Posted by innesireinar View Post
I wonder how other users do when arranging midi material since posts like this are not so interesting. From my point of view this bug is something that drives me to migrate to other DAWs if not fixed soon, or at least to back to PT11 definitively. Unfortunately PT11 doesn't work on OS newer than Yosemite and some today plugins want at least Sierra.
Actually PT 11.3.2 works just fine on OSX10.12.6. The only known issue is that you can't import audio via the drop down menu item but it can be done by drag and drop from Finder. Been with PT 11.3.2 inside OSX 10.12.6 aka Sierra for about a year now. There's a difference between not supported and won't work and this is one of those.

Do this: make a clone of your system using Carbon Copy Cloner (you do have clone backups of your system right?). Create a second partition on your system drive. Install OSX 10.12.6. Install your music s/w. Work in PT minus the import issue.
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