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Default Re: Not able to create new tracks in Pro Tools 2019.5

Originally Posted by G374 View Post
I add the attachment so you can see the error. This happen every time I click new track then click where it say Audi to change to instrument track or if I try to add a insert
Ok thanks, but unfortunately we are going around in circles. You commented "Looks like it reporting something about a missing database." and based on that I assumed you had some other additional/new error message. I should have made that clear when I replied before.

I don't understand why you believe there is missing database from "Assertion in /Volume/Development/238950/ProTools/NewFileLibs/Sys/MacOS/sys_FileLocMacOS.cpp”, line 230."

This is an assert message, it's telling you the filename and path of the source code on the build system at Avid. A developer put an "ASSERT" in Line 230 of the C++ source file sys_FileLocMacOS.cpp. The ASSERT checks some variable values, or something... and if not what is expected the ASSERT deliberately crashes Pro Tools with this message displayed. Without the source code we have no idea what the ASSERT actually tests for, just that it's at line 230 in the file sys_FileLocMacOS.cpp.

I know this is frustrating, but assert errors tend to be very specific. Even across different releases of Pro Tools, if you see the same assert happen it likely has the same of a very similar cause. Just based on the text in that source file path in the error I would assume this is directly relate to the creation of new audio files for the track... i.e. directly related to the actual failure you are seeing. But again without source code we have no real insight.

If you have tried everything I would contact Avid Support. Asserts in the source code may be there with developers having some clue about a problem they are checking for/trying to capture more info on... stuff that hopefully support might be aware of. Support may want to capture debug files, etc. to help understand what is going on.
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