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Default Re: Where can one get an MBOX3 Pro AC Adapter

Just a heads up on this.
Been looking for power supply in UK and they come with a barrel to accept a 2.5mm pin, which is wrong. (too tight)
The Mbox 3 pro has a 2.8mm pin on its housing
INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A OUTPUT: 9V, 4000mA, 36VA
Note its also a 4amp (4000ma) output
So i had to get a 2.8mm to replace/solder the 2.5mm.
DC plug protocol of male and female is all over the place with sellers.
Some class the inserted barrel (no pin)as male
Kinda confusing when you consider that an XLR (no pins) is female
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