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Default Re: Eleven Rack Issues

You purchased the unit off EBay. Avid has been pretty firm in the past that official dealers do not sell on EBay, and that products not purchased from dealers do not include warranty. I expect something purchased off a private seller on EBay means you are entirely on your own. Was the seller holding themselves up to be an Avid dealer.

There is an awful lot of benefit in buying from folks like Sweetwater who really do provide great support/help.

If you never registered the product and you think it qualifies for warranty then I would go ahead and try to register it now. if you have trouble registering it there is ways to get support help on the registration pages. I have no idea how well that will work or not. It may not have been the best thing to start here by admitting it was an EBay purchase, but oh well...

Paying for repair on an Eleven Rack is likely a minimum of several hundred dollars US and possibly a shipping hassle unless you have a repair center nearby. Almost universally these things are not worth paying to repair, unless you have a warranty.

If you are handy with electronics you might try soem basic troubleshooting, check power supply voltages, inter-board cable connections etc. With similar boot failures of Eleven Racks reported on DUC I don't think we've ever heard back the root failure cause(s).

Likely the easiest thing to do in this case is just go buy another used unit on EBay or similar.
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