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Default Re: A new & free helper application for ProTools

Are you all really trashing your prefs so much you need an app do to it? I'd go as long as a year without trashing.

on a side note, when you DO trash, do you still need to restart?

kinda really makes the software suspect doesn't it

ok guys i bought a G5 dual 7.2 with 8 gig of RAM i'll be getting it going this week and back to work and if i still have the same problems i'll resurrect my PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS thread

i've had to downgrade to HD3 due to reduces slots in the G5 under the slot capacity of the G4 in order to have a digi approved puter....i guess i can sell the Accel card to pay for the computer...who wants it?

what a nice labor of love to make this macro or whatever it is....thanks for sharing i can't wait to try it....can you add in one that restores fresh audio "sweet" favorites?
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