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Default Re: Best Systems and Components for Win HD/TDM

Bill: Thx for the comments, and your posts! The ONLY thing that makes this piece of the DUC work is user participation

As far as RAID goes...this is exactly what I am looking for! Users who have taken a leap, and what they discovered. It is all those I am hoping will pop in from the woodwork, in addition to those using proven, or partially proven, systems. I have posts of users running RAID with success. THIS intrigues me, as it allows for one to begin with small realities, and build to big dreams.

Surround: I work in both stereo and surround (5.1). I keep flopping between 24/44.1k, and 24/96k. To my ears, 24/96k has this...something to it. Combine 24/96k with 5.1, and then do delay comp and high track counts (64-96 voices), and one starts pushing boundaries, and the importance of good data streaming becomes paramount. PCI "clogging" is an issue I faced early on when pushing limits, and the ASUS discovery was a direct result of that. I am hoping a nice dual dual core (or better!) motherboard solution with HD4 capabilities onboard (no expansion chassis) presents itself. A successor to the ASUS P4800-E is sorely needed. But, upcoming/forthcoming technologies are clouding this...sigh..oh well!
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