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Default Re: PTLE8 Production Kit2

Originally Posted by tbuechse View Post
Hey Guys,

I see.

My spelling was not good!!!


I search for the

Music Production Toolkit2 in PTLE805

Please help for latest updates
  • Pro Tools LE 805
  • Music Production Toolkit 2
The links above dont work as desired I guess... Please help!

Although mentioned here.
Soundreplacer does not work with MPTK2. How is it authorized?

This link here does not work if you click on the Music Production Toolkit 2 Link on this site.

AVID come on....


Sound Replacer will have its own iLok asset.

"Installation Notes for MPTK Owners Upgrading to MPTK2:
Music Production Toolkit 2 does not include DINR LE or SoundReplacer from the original Music Production Toolkit. Instead, it includes Eleven LE and Structure LE. If you have upgraded from the original Music Production Toolkit to Music Production Toolkit 2, your iLok licenses for DINR LE and SoundReplacer from the original MPTK are still good. Just install these 2 plug-ins from the downloads section of each plug-in:

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Core 2 Specs Page

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