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Default analog console, next steps for my studio


here's where I'm thinking I'd like to go from here.

Right now I have the 001 and some decent mics. (ntk, rode nt1a, akg c1000s, sm57, MXL something or other, note I said "decent", not "world class")

My gear purchases in order will be:

fmr rnp $500
fmr rnc $200
a/d converter $1k
one of the waves bundles (any reccomendations?)probably around 2k
great river me1nv $1k
mackie 32x8 analog console $2k (used)
analog 8 or 16 track recorder $500 to 1k (I'd only get a 16 track if an awesome deal came up, otherwise I've seen very good 8 tracks go for this price range on ebay.)

total cost= $8700

better start saving!

So, do any of you use an analog console and slave an analog recorder?


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