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Default New Firewire card recommendations

Windows 7 no longer can see my Mbox Pro. It went from audio stopping and starting, to a random window popup asking if I wanted to install Mbox Pro, to nothing.

I've reinstalled the latest Protools 10 after doing a complete uninstall, installed the latest Mbox Pro drivers, and it won't "see" the Mbox Pro when I connect it, via firewire, to my Firewire card.

Since it's an old computer AND I'm using an Mbox Pro (which is firewire 400), what new firewire card should I buy? I have one with a Texas Instrument chipset and 2 firewire 400 ports now.

I'm also going to replace the firewire cables too.

Thanks for your help.

PC - i7 3Ghz, 12 GB RAM, TI 1394 card, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.
MBox Pro
Pro Tools Win - 10.3.9
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