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Default Re: Update payment information...

Originally Posted by lowthert View Post
This is what it says as I am trying to renew my credit card info....
"Want to update payment info? You can go to the product subscription page and update the payment method information."
When I go there - there is no such link or even prompt.
How do I do this?
I started a support case on your behalf to get this resolved (done via the Access The Support Center link in your Avid account). This info is typically edited via the Avid Store Shipping and Billing link in your Avid account, but you're right - there's no link there in yours.
Also - I keep getting emails to ask me to renew my update plan - when I have already done it!
Likely since you renewed Upgrades but not Plugins & Support, so you can ignore those notices if not renewing the latter.
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