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Default Re: possible simultaneous ADAT with 192 & 192 digi

Not a 100% sure but the 192 Digital offers you 16 channels of AES digital i/o at high sample rates. I own two of these, and they are connected to my Lexicon 960D, and my RME digital ADAT card. On the 192 i/o (analog version) you get 8 channels of analog in and out, plus 8 channels of digital simultaneously (not sure if high sample rates work in that setup, but I'm pretty sure they do) You could in fact also use eight high sample rates digital from that card, + 8 low sample rates digital from the stock 192 i/o, as the OPTICAL digital is in fact multi channels. You can add 8 extra analog channels of either input or output on the 192 i/o, or an 8 channel digital card which would give you 8 channels of AES high sample rate digital.

So, my take is that with your 192 i/o, you will get 8 channels of analog in and out, plus 8 channels of AES in and out, or 16 channels of digital, (8 high, 8 low). Your 192 digital will provide you with 16 channels of ADAT or AES.

Hope this helps
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