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Default Re: WTB: BX Meter with iLok licence

Hey Sardi,

Only because in my opinion, and in my own literal situation, iLok licencing is the most elegant and straight forward. I have 3 systems of my own I move between, and having 3 identical sets of the vast collection of plugs and auths I use daily, is realistically impossibly expensive.

Instead we all potentially have this hotch-potch of licencing systems that don't physically move. Take blimin' Spectrasonics for instance. I really love their VI's and own them all, but at one point for each of my machines, I had to "phone home" to get a response key to secure permission to use my VI's, which I now have to keep in a database and implement by hand when I just would vastly prefer to simply take my system drive and iLok over. Much more professional and slick.

And heaven forbid if I travel to a 3rd party studio (which I do a reasonable amount) and don't have my licences on an iLok or other stick based physical instantiation. I get to the session and can easily spend most of the first day or even longer, trying to get my ProTools environment running as per usual (please Mr Spectrasonics, may I please use my bought up and paid for software on another machine please. Cue: wait for 24 hours to get a code).

Or sometimes I work in remote locations, so internet is not an option. What then? It's a flippin' nightmare.

Am I the only one who thinks like this? I really appreciate the question BTW, and I'd be very interested to know how you approach your own licencing management situation.


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