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Default Re: Guitar playback sounds different to l

Some more waffle that might help...

Micing a cab is something everybody should try out, although I think best and easiest results for many folks, especially working in home studios will be with amp sim plugins like Eleven or an amp sim box like an Eleven Rack or Fractal Axe-FX.

If you want to play with micing a guitar amp you can try it with any mic you have. Just get started, lots of tutorials online. If you are buying a mic to try with, get an SM57 or SM58. ~$100 and the reference cab mic for many people.

If you plan on tracking guitars (and bass) a lot the other place I would go is an Eleven Rack. It has all the Eleven Mk II Amps built in and a reasonable range of basic effects pedals. They are super value for money and flexible in different ways than your solo+Eleven plugins, and it may just replace your solo since it has a mic input as well.

There are many great third party amp sim plugins for Pro Tools, but they are unfortunately not compatible with Pro Tools First. Pro Tools First can run the full Eleven Mk II plugin suite and the Eleven Rack effects pedals, and all those plugins come in the ~$50/year complete plugins subscription... so I know First is fairly limited by itself but you can at try out much more with that complete plugin bundle after doing more playing around with what you have now.

A brilliant combo is both the Eleven Rack and Eleven Mk II plugins... that lets you track with the Eleven Rack then reamp all in the box. ... but donít focus now on gear. Focus on experimenting.
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