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Default Re: Stupid iLok Thing

Originally Posted by melloj View Post
I'm pretty sure it installs it somewhere in your computer. Kind of like disk based licence. You dont need Internet access all the time.
Cloud is just that - cloud and not on one's machine. You can move licenses to and from the cloud so say you're changing machines or going to a place and using another machine. You log in with the ILM s/w while online, move the license asset from your machine to the cloud, logoff with the ILM s/w while still online, go to the other computer or studio, get online, log in with the ILM s/w and move the license to the computer in use. You do need internet access while doing the transfer and can pull the plug on that when done making the transfer. Then when you're done with the second machine reverse the process and move the license from the machine to the cloud and back to the original machine.

Thing is you do need internet access while actually doing the transfer from a computer but not while actually working with the plugin.
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