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Default Re: Digi 003 as sound card stopped working (Win 7)

I think your method is the flaw. To use the 003 as the default Windows playback device(NOT recommended), you would set Windows to the 003, not SPDIF out of the sound card. Having said that, I WOULD set Windows to use the soundcard analog out(green mini TRS)and patch that with the proper cable to the AUX inputs of the 003(Aux or Alt, whichever is there as its been a while). Hit the Aux to Mon button to hear audio outside of Pro Tools. This avoids any hardware conflict(Windows AND Pro Tools both trying to use the 003). This method works and only costs the price of the cable, but may not sound great(which may not be an issue for listening to youtube and such). To get great sound, my preferred method is to add a monitor/source selector that can handle both analog(or SPDIF) from the 003, AND the SPDIF of the computer's sound card. The Presonus Central Station covers this and I find Windows audio quality is just as good as the sound from Pro tools from my current HD/Native setup, or my previous 003
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