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Default Re: Request: Please Improve MackieControl Emulation

Just a little something to make you think on a broader scale here, outside the box, just in case it goes somewhere helpful:

When PT8LE released, everyone had issues with the Tascam US2400 in LE on Windows... worked flawless before that, then, in 8LE, the 2400 got spastic and would drop and make PT unresponsive , etc

Took me about a month, but I chased it down to a surround related issue (do to the surround changes in 8LE)... before 8 they had used a different driver if I'm not mistaken... it was the JL Cooper or MCS driver or something (It's been a while)... which was no longer supported by 8, and no replacement driver was included in the 8LE installer (Only with HD and CPTK).....

The fix ended up being to put the SurroundPanner driver in the drivers folder.

Even without the CPTK installed, it appeared PT was attempting to communicate with the 2400's surround panner - EVEN IF IT WASN'T ENABLED under HUI

Installing the driver cured everything - even though it wasn't being used

Just a little something to make you think of what else could be happening
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