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Default Re: Request: Please Improve MackieControl Emulation

Hi Adam,

Sounds to me as though your Artist Mix may actually be malfunctioning. The fact that the fader doesn't line up with your DAW is a pretty clear indication. I use mine with both Pro Tools and Logic, and both DAWs work well with it.

- All my meters show level, pan, Aux sends, not just channel 1.

- I can control plugins, aux sends etc. Took me a while to work out the exact buttons to press to get it working. Shift, flip channel, then the function you need.

- Soloing works fine for me. Some DAW's have an X-OR solo mode (Pro Tools for example).

However, I did have some pretty major issues (drop outs, slow response, freezing meters) before I put a separate switcher after my router. Now it all works exactly as expected.

I haven't tried to make it work in HUI or MackieControl mode, but to be honest I haven't had to. Aren't those essentially working in MIDI, with less resolution and a slower response?

All in all, it sounds like yours is broken!
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