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Default Re: "High" Sierra Better For 2018 Than "Plain" Sierra"?

i wish i knew..

Please i can't wait to find this out as well...

Sierra at low buffers is agonising.. i was doing a project last night at 64 buffer, and i could not play one single very light Korg salzburg piano with one simple delay plugin on it at 64 samples.. brand new project no other tracks!

I then got curious as usual, and in Cubase at *32* samples I was able to arm 12 tracks of that same piano preset and same delay plugin (but of course in vst format), and play way on my keyboard without *any* issues.

I still have NO idea why pro tools engages all cores for one plugin at low buffer when a track is monitored, and why it spikes so bad.

Is this the sort of problem you have also been experiencing?
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