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Default Re: Best foot controller for use with Eleven Rack?

I had an idea....Yeah I know its a scary thought

Since there seems to be some interest in a Digi floor controller but the market for one is presumably fairly small and the cost of producing one would could end up being prohibitive.

Digi says they are putting out a template for the Ground Control, Why not go one step farther and over a simple Lexon overlay panel that would fit over the unit-one could edge light the Lexon panel which would allow the user to see the writing on a darkened stage.

Its just a thought.

The advantage of the Ground Control is that it dovetails nicely with the GCX.

At the very least put out a set of highly legible stickers for the Ground Control.

As much as I would like something like a the Roland FC300, Digitech Control One or X-15 floor controller that was self contained and priced competitively I just don't see this happening. There is of course an opportunity to co brand a controller with a custom flashed ROM. but the profits would be lower than normal.

The other thing thats possible would be to poll your users and give them the pedal they really want.

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