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Default Re: UAD Console & Protools BEST PRACTICES

Originally Posted by Drew Mazurek View Post
I have 2 Apollo 8Ps that I lightpipe into an HD Native PCIe rig. It's like having an amazing $6000 sixteen channel SSL console to track through. Been using the real ones since the early 90s. Sure I have to be careful about latency and use Slates plugs during tracking and overdubbing. But it forces you to get good sounds going in, like the old days. My work has never been better.
It's a shame you have to be careful with latency though. You didn't so much with TDM. Whatever option you take these days is a bit of a backward step and a compromise IMO.

As a composer type dude I like to track with EQ and comps but not commit because like a lot of guys, I'm usually concentrating on composing and/or playing.
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