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Default Re: Idea - Channel Module with Artist/S1 Series

The "knob" module is the Dock.
There are 8 of them. Plus it acts like a mini MTM unit.

If you've never gathered why the C4 was discontinued it was because there was no demand. I know the ins-outs of the C4 situation because back in 2004/2005, Mackie tried to get me to consult on it.

The Dock can supply the Console 1 functions. The Console 1 supplies info on one channel and since it has no touchscreen has to divide by process type. The Dock has the dynamic nature of the touchscreen so it can update to what process type needs to be controlled and reuse the 8 knobs (and multiple pages of control.)

What you aren't getting is cost of manufacturing and demand. High cost of manufacturing, low demand. They already have the Dock. Have you used one? Have you used the S6 Knob module? The Dock (and now the S1) is clever in that it splits the cost so it seems less expensive by making the touchscreen a separate 3rd party purchase. The S6 Knob module has a little screen per every knob. 32 little screens and 32 touch-sensitive knobs with colour feedback. In manufacturing, the single strip screen on the Artist Mix is way cheaper than doing multiple little screens. And the failure rate will go up too with more parts.

What would be your layout for an "Artist Knob module" and at what cost do you think it should sell for? If you take a moment from just coveting the S6 knob module, you'll see it's not feasible or demanded. They streamlined the Artist/MC series for a reason -- a lot of the products had very low demand and keeping a manufacturing line increases cost for low quantity production. An Artist Knob module would be one more product to put Avid closer to bankruptcy.
If you don't use a Dock daily, I suggest getting deeply involved in it.
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