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Default Platinum Samples Releases Accent 1.0.2

We are proud to announce that Platinum Samples has updated Accent to version 1.0.2

New Features
  • Accent now ships with a standalone version
  • Preset load times are now some of the fastest on the market
  • Added Velocity Curve presets for Kit pieces (or for each of their articulations). You can also save these curves into a midi map and recall them at any time
  • External 3rd party plug-ins now have a built in preset manager, so you can save your favorite settings and recall them as needed or A-B between presets
  • You can now bypass plug-ins in two separate ways from the Mixer. To bypass a single plug-in use Command (macOS) or Control (Windows) while clicking on the plug in insert. To bypass all plug-ins on a mixer channel use Command + Option (macOS) or Control + ALT  (Windows)
  • Added a Hi-Hat Fade Out Factor. This allows you to decide how all Hi-Hat articulations blend into each other
  • Added multi-out capability to the Audio Units plug-in format
  • Accent now supports all major plug-in formats: AAX, VST2, VST3, and Audio Units
  • Added an all new playback algorithm for even more realistic performances
  • Grooves can now be set to half time, double time, dotted, triplet, or double triplet feels
  • Accent has been streamlined and optimized to improve start-up times and overall performance
  • Platinum Samples have updated their groove libraries for Accent. Existing owners will find them in their Platinum Samples user account*

Here at Space Cabin Audio we have also included an updated groove library to help show off this new version of Accent. We have added in over 400 new grooves.

This update is free to all existing users.

For a limited time, you can purchase Galaxy Drums for the discounted price of $99 to help celebrate this incredible update.

This update is available at Space Cabin Audio Trend Setting Virtual Instrument Software

Quotes from real users:

Miguel Ruiz
Best drum VI that I've used, and I've tried quite a bit. The drums sound awesome and it has the best cymbals by far.

Ken Burke
The best drum software I have used. Worth the money. Using plug ins inside the mixer is DA BOMB! Thank you Galaxy Drums. Can't wait for the next release!

*Except for Real Jazz and Real Reggae
Sign up for all things....AWESOME!

May the music move you
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