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Default Re: hdx aaxdsp is dying

Originally Posted by ejsongs View Post
exactly my point...if am a customer considering finally upgrading to hdx...the old plugin finder is gone...i tell you that i am trying to find a list of aaxdsp plugin and you as the rep tell me that the list doesnt exist and you dont know...what does that say about you and your company?

then on top of that you finally refer my case to "specialist" h=whi then writes me and says:

"This is Nestor from Avid Audio Technical Support. We
apologize for the inconvenience. We do not have list of all
available AAX-DSP plugins since there are a lot of third
party plug ins developer in the market and they are
continuously updating and changing their products. The only
plug ins finder that we can provide for the customer is the
link below.

Also contacting the re-sellers might give you more
information regarding AAX-DSP plug ins available from their
stores since they are not limited to Avid products."

and the link that they provided was the exact same link I had been looking at before...then what am I suppose to think?

the links that you guys provided was exactly what i was looking for...yes i am pissed off that i am paying for support and asked a very simple question that could not get resolved until I posted here and at gearslutz...especially when i about about to drop $$$$ and what i am getting from avid is discouraging to say the least.
for what it's worth i 100% agree and it;s what stopped me from looking at HDX to solve my low buffer issue to be able to monitor with fx through pro tools. I check the plug in finder every week, and they still haven't added the aax dsp selector there.. it's like they are purposely making it extra hard to find dsp plugins and it doesn't make sense.
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