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Default Re: hdx aaxdsp is dying

Originally Posted by jsvalmont View Post
This is a bit of an alarmist forum topic from a guy who just seems pissed off for no real reason. The plugin finder is in maintenance mode right now and you were expecting an individual support person to give you an exact current list of all AAX DSP plugins right off the top of their head? You do know that list is quite long and ever changing right? I have no idea about the stock levels of HDX card at the moment but itís a stretch to assume that means they are ending manufacture. Have you thought that maybe they could be having trouble keeping up with demand since they did a significant price cut on the cards last year? A little patience goes a long way.

Since everything AAX has to be licensed and approved by Avid, I would presume that they have at least an internal list of which plugins have been licensed and approved for both native and HDX systems.
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