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Default Re: PT9 and its options (CPTK, Digitranslator...)

Originally Posted by SD2 View Post
Hello there,

I have a question and can't find a precise answer.
here's the scenario.
I have two stations: one PTLE and one PTHD(3).

I've just bought the PT9 upgrade and also bought the DVToolkit to CPTK upgrade.
The question is: what will happen to both DVToolkit2 and Digitranslator licences?
Will they both be replaced (=trashed) by the CPTK on my Iloks?...

If so, I'm afraid it will mean that I wont be able to:
1/Open PTLE8 (with DvToolkit options), which I still wish to use for a week or two (until PT9 is fully functionnal on it's dedicated drive and OS).
2/Use Digitranslator to open OMF/AAF on the HD station.

Any idea/experience?
You get to keep Digitranslater. You will have to surrender the DVTK2 asset to get the CPTK2 asset. If you need to continue working in PTLE 8.0 with the DVTK2 you should get a hold of Avid CSA and they will deposit a 2 year NFR DVTK2 asset to your iLok account to use with PTLE 8.0


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