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Default Re: Reverb Plug-Ins??

Realverb and Lexiverb are both great reverb plugins, I do not believe that Lexiverb is supported passed the Mix systems and Ptools 5.x so that would be a no go if you are on Ptools 6 or HD/Accel as far as I know.

Realverb has a nice user interface and has a great "morph" feature which allows you to automate a reverb morph from one preset to another totally diffrent preset (very cool post/sounddesign feature)

Digidesigns Reverb1 is a great sounding reverb as well very high quality model of the Lexicon hadware boxes.

Many users here seem to swear by the Alti-Verb, it is a software based reverb plugin although it has some great features such as accurate models of various famous rooms and cathedrals etc. Many people consistently rave about Alti-verb.

The best thing for you to do I believe is try the diffrent plugins out, most of them have a 7 day or more trial which lets you test them out before you buy. There are also more verbs available that we have not discussed, I am sure someone else out there can chime in and provide some more microscopic analysis of each verb plugin you have mentioned.
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