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Default This shouldn't be this hard...

So far Ive paid $299 to upgrade an expired license, $99 for something I thought was an expired license, $39 for a single use support code...My products reflect none of these...In fact the only support code Avis acknowledges to my account is one I bought in 2015...Ive uninstalled/reinstalled both iLok manager and Pro Tools and it still says I'm trying to open a newer version than I have a license for...I just want to speak to a human...I gave you my where anywhere on the receipt does it allude to what my ASC # is (I've tried entering every number on the confirmation email as I mention when I open my case (# 03277587))...The worst part is now I'm reduced to whining like a 6 year old on a forum just to get some help...seriously...
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