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Default Re: Windows 10 background apps and programs

Thanks for your response, junkgear. Yes, I did the optimizations several years ago when my computer was a Windows 7 computer. When I did the Windows 10 upgrade, I went back through and did them again. I also don't have a third party antivirus on this computer--I use Windows Defender for that, and of course, it runs in the background. I don't have wireless on this computer, so when I need it, I use a USB wireless adapter, which I usually don't leave plugged in when I'm working in Pro Tools. That being said, I guess I could temporarily disable Windows Defender while I"m not connected to the internet. I also have Malwarebytes in the computer, which I use to do scans about once a week. I use the free version which I understand doesn't run in the background, but maybe I'd best check that out. Thanks for the info.
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