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Default Re: Windows 10 background apps and programs

I'm with you, YYR123. I'd like to disable Cortana, but I haven't found any way to do it. Microsoft has always set Windows up with a lot of stuff running in the background in order to speed things up, but Windows 10 seems to have taken away the option of disabling most of it that you could disable in the past Of course, the obvious solution is to buy a Mac, but unfortunately I don't have the money available. I use iTunes because I don't care for Windows Media Player (which I think you also cannot disable). I don't have a printer hooked up to my studio computer. Also, I watch tutorials and the like on that computer, so disabling something like Adobe Flash Player probably isn't an option, and I need to read PDF files for manuals, so disabling Adobe Reader wouldn't work either. I'll keep looking...
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