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Default Re: Dual Monitors with G4

Originally posted by digiengineer:
I don't know if this answers your questions, but I have 3 G4s (2-933 SP Quicksilvers w/Nvidia & 1-Dual 1 GHz with and ATI) all running 18" Sony LCDs. All 3 have Dr. Bott ADC to VGA cables and the 1 GHz has an Apple DVI to VGA cable supplied with the computer. I use Gefen CAT5-5000 dual monitor boxes and can do runs over 300 ft. Once the Gefens are tweaked right, they look pretty good. Hope this helps.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Ok, so just to clarify, you are using a video card that has a DVI and an ADC output, just like ours. And you have the DVI to VGA adaptor from Apple that comes with the G4, just like us, but then you bought a ADC to VGA adaptor for the other ouput, and that works for dual monitors???

Because that's what i wanted to know if I could do. I want to just use this card that came with it, I just couldn't find an adaptor to go from ADC to VGA, they don't have one on the Mac site?

Where can I get one?

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