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Default Re: Dual Monitors with G4

Im getting ready to buy a new G4 to setup an HD system and have the same issue ... I was searching the forum and your post came up as 1 or 2 results for dual monitor... I know the new Nvidia card has both ADC/DVI ports and the [new]computer (G4) ships with an DVI/VGA adapter ...If I may digress from your question a bit and add quite simply another question:

Dual monitors: What card to use in OS9 & OSX.
Also extending the dispalys [DVI/VGA] at least 30 ft.

I currently have a Geffen setup with dual VGA's on the Appian card in G4/500. Also looking to buy two new 19' LCD's that have both DVI/VGA outputs. So the dual output card (for OSX) is my only issue.

But could someone sum up the options..

Thank you(everyone)in advance for all the info poured into this database that makes a lot of our lives much easier.
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