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Default S6 v3.6.1 Software Released

V3.6.1 is now in your Avid accounts. This is mainly for PT 12.8 and Dolby Atmos compatibility but there are a couple of other features and bug fixes.

Increased Expand Faders from 8 to 16
Assign Right Joystick Timeout setting

Issues Resolved in S6 v3.6.1
It could be difficult for some plug-in knobs to reach their maximum and minimum values
It was possible for registry permissions issues to prevent WSControl from recognizing a workstation when installed on a cleanWindows OS
Changing Network Ports on the Master Module required two reboots
It was possible for the Automation Module wheel to become incapable of scrolling the Pro Tools MIDI Editor window vertically

If you are currently on v3.5 or v3.6 and on an active support contract, all you need to do is install the software, no activation needed.

In order to install the v3.6.1 software update you will need your S6 console to be on a current Avid Support Plan. Your console came with 1 year of Avid Advantage ExpertPlus support with Hardware Coverage so please check your support plan expiration date. There are several options for renewing coverage (even if your plan has recently expired). If you are a registered owner, you will receive an email with details or you can contact Avid directly to hear about your options at : 1-650-218-4058
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