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Default Re: Changed input routing since PhoenixVerb Surround v3?

Hi folks,
The good Dr. Sound referred me to this one. I can respond, but you won't like the answer. The change in routing is probably not intentional. In all likelihood it's a bug. But it's been the better part of a year since it got cooked into the code. During that last development period I ran an open beta. Too bad it wasn't caught then when I could do something about it. It all likelihood it was collateral damage that came across as I was trying to work around surround issues with other DAWs. I wish I'd caught it. However it happened (and I honestly don't remember), there's not a thing I can do about it right now.

The code is in iZotope's hands now. I'm working with a very capable team to get the IP transferred over. But getting several decade's worth of experience into other heads is not something I can do overnight. Surround routing is one of those things that's quite important to me (you'll never know what at PITA it was to fix problems introduced by other DAWs) but I think it's going to be a while before you see an iZotope-generated release. I'll be working closely with them and will draw their attention to this thread. I'm more than sorry I can't address this with the speed I was once able to. I think that--once they're fully up-to-speed--that iZotope is going to be able to deal with this (and add a few nice new wrinkles as well).

While I've got your ear, keep in mind that the upcoming Catalina release of MacOS is 64-bit only. That's not a problem for the plugins--they've been 64-bit for years. But the installers are 32-bit. This means that--if you update a computer that's already got the plugins installed, then you're fine. If you need to move older plugs to a new Catalina machine, then you'll have to do it by hand. iZotope will be making 64-bit installers of the current releases, but they're not likely to do the same for historical versions.
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