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Default Re: Plugin Alliance have gone subscription

Originally Posted by mgoorevich View Post
True. But I still remember times when they answered within 48 hours....BX_Digital v1 TDM was 586 EUR
Yes, remember buying that one back in 2008.
Dirk's first release :)

I am now planning on selling most of my PA stuff.
Keeping a few specials though.

Crawling out of the box now, and getting back into analog more and more ...
So refreshing.

Ordered a Stamchild last June (2018).
Should be on its way any day now ...

Spending on Hardware only this past 1.5 years have been awesome and it is a whole lot more fun to actually touch and play with the analog beauties we bought instead of buying more plugins we dont need to make great music.
Southside, totally with you on this
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