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Default Controlling Aux Verbs in a final mix

Speaking more in a TV/Film Post-Production sense:

I have multiple Aux tracks with different verbs for different uses. I can pick and choose which track I send to each verb if and when needed.

All of my tracks have the output set to relevant mix busses (DIA, Sync, Foley, SFX, BG) and when I do a final mix I tend to just ride these mix bus faders as it's mostly already pre-mixed.

However, my aux verbs are all output to Main 1-2. This is because I might have a nice room verb Aux that I'm sending Sync, Foley and SFX tracks to so I cant output that aux verb to a specific mix bus. When I come to mix and I want to lower say SFX I can still hear it clearly because it's also running though the Aux verb and out the master.

So my options are:
1) Create aux tracks for each element ('Foley Room Verb' and 'SFX Room Verb') with the same verb settings
2) Output all Aux Verbs to a separate mix bus and group it with other mix buses when needed

Any other ideas? Just wanted to know if there is a smarter way of controlling 'multi-purpose' Aux Verbs when mixing with mix busses/sub mixes.

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