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Default Re: Mid 2012 MacPro5.1 6core 3.33 for PT12 ?

Originally Posted by SD70 View Post
I see this is a qualified computer despite being older for PT12. My current Mac Pro 2009 4 core 2.93 is having problems and an upgrade is probably getting close. Il like the Pro setup better than the Imac world. Would this 2012 Mac be worth getting ? Avid also mentions mid 2012 Mac Pro 5.1 12 core running at 2-66 as another qualified one. Any ideas for me? Thanks
Should work just fine. I got mine from OWC and they did a silent upgrade to the 3.46 GHz hex core cpu. I like the idea of the single hex core from the point of view of having a bigger heatsink on the cpu.

I made a couple of changes to the model I got from OWC after I had the machine home and working. I put in 48 gig of ram and to speed up operations I changed the boot drive from the 7200 rpm spinner that was in the drive bay to a 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO on a pcie card in the slot next to the video card. From startup chime to usable desktop it's about 15 seconds; previously it was well over 30 seconds.
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