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Default Fine breakpoint adjustment change in 12.6 = Showstopper

Did not update yet, but after reading the release notes I guess I am stuck with 12.5.2 for now.

Additional Editing Improvements

Fine breakpoint adjustment now requires Shift+Command (Mac) or Shift+Control (Windows) keys and adjustment is constrained vertically.

How should that make an improvement? I use the fine adjustment (holding down the commend key) thousands of times a day while editing dialog adjusting the clip gain. Without the fine "commend" key the range is always too big and you have to readjust too often.

Adding another key will be very uncomfortable, but you might get used to it.
But constraining the adjustment vertically renders it completely useless for dialog work, because a "free repositioning" of the breakpoint is one of the keyfeatures with clip gain.

this is a real showstopper. I could not see how this could be an improvement and who might want this kind of behaviour and additional key.
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