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Default Re: should I Change my Mbox 2 pro for Profire 610???

In my opinion, these interfaces all are about the same quality. In general there may be a slight difference in the specification for the A/D D/A converters and the mic press are all intended to sound neutral and mostly accurate. The difference is so slight that I would not pay for it. What type of sound are you trying to get? You may be better off getting a quality external pre amp or channel strip to achieve your desired sound. Also mic placement is very much a part of how it will sound. Perhaps a new mic is in order. These two items will have a more drastic impact on your sound than the interface. Also, how are you listening to your output? Quality monitors in a properly treated room makes a world of difference in how your sound will translate. I would look into these before even replacing the interface or using plugins to modify your sound.
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