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Default Tempo changes and pitch shifting

Sorry for the trouble, but I was hoping someone in these forums might be able to help me with some issues I've been experiencing with Pro Tools.

I've been doing some recording, mainly guitars, and something has happened to all my sessions. Both the tempo and the pitch of the guitars has been changed... I haven't got the slightest idea as to how it happened. It's impacted every single session. I backed up my sessions, and even those backups have the same issue... everything has changed. I honestly have no idea what happened, or how to restore the sessions back to their proper tempos.

I'm recording through a 003 (Pro Tools 8).

Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help me out -- it'd definitely be appreciated. I wish I could offer some knowledge to the community in return, but truthfully I'm here to try to gain knowledge from people who know this stuff a lot better than I do.

Happy recording, all you wonderful musicians!
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