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Default AAE 9173 Pro Tools ran out of CPU power

Guys come on gee... Anti virus software causes problems, memory leaks cause problems... we know that.

You are supposed to have AV software disabled, or better yet uninstall it and protect your computer by being careful what you let touch it.

Memory leaks... have and always likely will be issues... and very likely caused by plugins. You have to try to track down if they are caused by plugins or not and try to identify the plugin, check plugins are up to date, pull out all third party plugin files, trash prefs etc. it is nearly useless to report you have a memory leak and not go the extra few steps to try to do some quick troubleshooting.

These kind of reports concern me, not that folks are wasting their own time, but improper setup and inadequate troubleshooting helps distract from what may be more serious underlying issues that do need Avid developer level attention. And if basic optimization like disabling AV software is not done what other user mistakes are on those systems?

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