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Default Re: Trinnov D-Mon 8

Thanks as always Mike.

Yes, I've seen the CB remote! Great effort from Colin!

I've got a D-Command at home now and I was hoping I might partner it up with the D-Mon. Could potentially swap the D-Command for the S3 sometime in the not-so-distant future, so the Trinnov integration with the S series makes it somehow future-proof.

Alas though! Paul Mortimer from emerging UK did contact and the Trinnov price list brought tears to my eyes. Undisputedly, this is a great unit but as I am planning for a new controller to claim rack space for the home setup, the price - with the meters - is a bit too steep.

It seems it will have to be a Clarity X for me…

I will be selling an X-Mon, a brand new looking - and expanded - Tascam DS-M7.1 and some DK Technologies 0760M audio and video meters, a TSL Unit and a Flux Pure Analyzer with the Metering and the Multichannel option, and see what I come back with.
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