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Default Re: Macbook Pro backup before repair

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
"or something like that" what does that mean? What are they doing?
It means the computer has screen weirdness and flickering [resolved by turning off "automatic graphics switching", btw]. But its not to weird. Usuable, just colors look strange. Text is fine. Everything looks "melted" on boot until I log in. Apple is going to cover the investigation and repair. So I guess they will investigate first, and I suppose I can have them call me to tell me what they are going to do to fix it.

What problems? This yet another display flex cable failure? If they replace the motherboard you will lose everything on the drive (flex cable failures don't usually mean a motherboard replace... but you always want to have multiple backups). I've had one similar model (2016) motherboard replaced this year for a different failure (that does not affect 2017 models), SSD chips are soldered on the motherboard and Apple will not recover content for you, it's all gone forever if they swap boards.
Do you have the whole drive backed up to time machine? All the partitions?

You are asking us if it's OK or what more you need to do but we have no idea what *exactly* you have done. You backed up to what drive/computer?
Lacie Thunderbolt [big-ass drive, I forget how many TB]

You have two or three separate backups? Because the moment you need to use one backup you no longer have a backup. You have only one surviving image. What if you make a finger mistake while restoring a backup and wipe the backup... it happens. Have you tested the backups work and can be recovered from?

There are better choices than time machine for boot drive/system backup. Starting with Carbon Copy Cloner. Clone to a high quality external USB 3 HDD. Reboot the Mac off that external drive and make sure everything important to you works. Rinse and repeat for at least one extra external drive. Keep them in separate locations, not connected to the computer.
I downloaded ccc, but have not launched it yet. Maybe try the 30 day trial. I guess I could clone the drive onto the same drive I have been using for the Time Machine backup?


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