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Default Re: Best Core 2 Series Desktops-Results and Specs

Just added this to the post above:

Update: Mbox 1 results. A little disappointing actually. Mbox 1 plugged into front USB port (seemed to get a few more dverbs than rear ports) resulted in:
221 dverbs
32 mono audio tracks, each w/ 5 mono dverbs, 12 aux tracks each with 5 mono dverbs. Then 1 more dverb on aux track #13. Recorded on separate internal audio drive for 5+ min.

Still, a decent result. I don't have an Mbox2, but I'm guessing results would be similar.
I'm not disputing your results but I am finding this a little odd. Usually the Dverb results are pretty consistent from interface to interface. The nature of the Dverb test is such that it takes place (as far as I know) in the host computer. there has been some speculation that the MAudio stuff has slightly better device drivers but as far as I know that has never been conclusively proven either.

More importantly hows it play with Protools? sound quality? Hiss, pops, crackles? Any buffer errors while Recording/Playback etc? After the 910/915/925 series chipsets noise issues this one area where we need to be sure it works.

I'm pondering the lower Dverb count using USB, I'm wondering if its due to the fact that the M series USB stuff is all USB 1.0? Is there a legacy USB choice in BIOS?

Is it possible that some other peripheral is dragging the USB bus down?

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